UK puts parasitic none workers before working people

I have come to the conclusion that this country looks after those who choose not to work better than those of us who do work. I know some people who were given a free council flat over 15 years ago but have never worked since. They get their rents paid, council tax paid, welfare, free prescriptions and dentist. They also contribute nothing to the NHS. There is no such thing as a free lunch someone pays for this normally the working taxpayers. I work for minimum wage, my rent is over £400 a month, my council tax £100 a month. I get no help with prescriptions or dentist costs and not one penny towards my rent. Last month I had dental fees of over £100 yet no help.

When I was made redundant I had to sell my flat. Then I was not allowed to apply for social housing as I had money in the bank from the sale of my flat. I could not get any welfare. We now have the crazy situation with people migrating to the UK from lands with no welfare, no NHS, no child benefits, no social housing or even free education yet being given all this once they get to the UK.

They say we need to have foreigners to do jobs British won’t do but it is our soft welfare system that allows freeloading and gives free homes to none workers that is to blame. If you work and your job comes to an end, the job centre sends you on a course. For workers like me you are often sent on same course you have done 3 times before like interview skills or C.V writing. Yet the long term unemployed only have to do 1 course then the system just ignores them. They should be made to attend job clubs 9-5 every day. Working people have to be out of the house. We can’t sit around playing video games and getting up late. When will Government tackle the issue of those choosing not to work?


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