Universal Credits someones idea of a sick joke!

I am on the minimum wage and take home just over £1000 a month. Half my wage is used on my rent and council tax. I get no help towards my rent or prescriptions or dentist fees.

I have just had a week of work due to Gastroenteritis. Statutory Sick Pay does not pay for the first 3 days of illness so my take home wage for 1 week was just £28.

If I didn’t work I would have got rent paid £100, Council Tax paid £25, Welfare £78 plus dentist and prescription costs paid. This is over £200. This shows that the Government is lying when it says people will always be better off in work. The Joseph Rowntree foundation also backs this up by concluding the most poor in the UK are people in work.

I did have an active “Universal Credit Live” claim but received no money as they said I earned too much money in a previous month so closed my claim. I was then told they have a new system and I had to re-apply online. I did this but could not do the ID verification as my phone won’t download the app required. I had a new claims interview and was given a number to call. After one hour UC put the phone down on me. Another call and 20 minutes later the women said your new claim has not gone live so please call the old number. I called the old number and was on the phone for 40 minutes but even though my income for the week I was sick was only £28 I won’t get any help.

Then Universal Credits computer has sent me a standard letter saying I will be getting £700 a month. Yet I am working and get nothing. Clearly these letters need to be checked by a real human being. Often in the past I have had 4 conflicting letters from UC arrive on the same day. It is no wonder their phone lines are tied up.

Many countries don’t have a free NHS, you can’t get free education for your children. You can’t get any welfare, child benefits, free dentist treatment; you are not given free social housing with your rents paid.

It is no wonder so many economic migrants pass through safe lands to get to the UK. Many are given luxury homes in Londonistan and rents paid. I know many who have never worked for over 10 years; they have never registered with any job agencies. This shows that the welfare system is unfit for purpose.

I know one chap who got a free 5 bedroom modern house and a free car. He gets over £60,000 tax free. He says he is his wives carer yet she has 3 holidays each year on her own.

Those of us who work are kicked in the teeth.  I was made redundant in 2008. I had to sell my flat. My mortgage was just £200. I could not get any welfare or any help with my rent of £525. So all the money I worked for was used up slowly.

We still have migration running at 300,000 a year and it is mainly from outside the EU. Saville Town has a population of over 2,000 yet 98 percent of these are Muslims and I suspect most are on welfare.

The Government has never tackled the big issue why people who never work should get free NHS treatment, free housing and free education for their children. It is taxpayers like me that pay for these free lunches and free school meals. The English are also paying for our demise. We are witnessing genocide but this was a founding idea of the EU founding father Kalergi who wanted mass migration from outside the EU to wipe out white Europeans and replace us with a mixed race of people to serve the elite banking families.

In past I worked 3 weeks in August and earned £600, Got a new job in November that paid December yet Universal Credit never gave me any money. It took U.C over 2 years to admit they closed my claim by error but they caused me to get into bad debt. I lost the job I got in November and I think the debt had a negative effect on my mental state.







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