We need ID Cards

By measuring the amount of sewage a city like London produces we have a good idea of the population level. The figures show that nearly a million more people are living in our capital city than official ONS figures. In fact last time an audit was done only 4/5th’s of people in areas like Tower Hamlets and Newham returned the forms. We estimate over 1 million illegal migrants within the UK. We have more National Insurance numbers in use than our population! Some people are claiming welfare using multiple aliases.

It should be possible to encrypt somebody’s name and date and birth using software to produce a unique key. Likewise their photo could be encrypted and a unique hash generated. So what would stop people using fake documents? The answer is the software would search the entire database to see if any duplicate hash keys exist and thus identify fraud.

The I.D card would only store the encrypted identity of the person and the photo hash. Their address and photo would be stored using cloud technology. Everyone wishing to use welfare or the NHS would be required to carry an ID card. On visiting a job centre if the key when decrypted did not match the person’s name then an investigation would be done likewise if the photo shown on the screen didn’t match then an investigation would be started.

The I.D cards could be used to identify criminals as it would be law to carry one. Also it would help identify illegal migrants many of whom work cash in the hand or in fast food outlets. All employees would be given electronic readers to check if somebody applying for work was legal.

People would also have the option to add more information to the cloud such as medical issues like diabetes and medicine taken. This could help medics save people’s lives. This is not big brother but protection for those who abide by the law and cutting the fraud in our welfare and abuse of our NHS by those not entitled to free treatment.



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