welfare and fraud

A benefits cheat is paying back £88,000 falsely claimed whilst she lived in Spain – at just £7.65 a month.
Jayne Kitching will need to live to over a 1000 years old to pay back this debt. Yet she is still getting £2,000 a month in welfare.
I work and take home just over £1,000 a month. I then have to pay my rent of over £400, council tax, prescriptions and dental costs. I get no help because I am working even though earning the minimum wage.
This just shows how this country looks after none working people better than those who work. I know plenty who choose not to work and have not worked in over 15 years. In my opinion all none workers should be made to attend job clubs 9-5 every day. I would not give free social housing to anyone who does not work but build hostels for them where there share a lounge and are watched. We give single mums free homes so many just get pregnant to get a free home. I would also ban criminals from having social housing.

When we see how much money is being sent ABROAD from the UK to foreigner living here who claim they have children back home the money flowing from the UK is unbelivable. There is no way they can proove these people have these children as ID’s and birth certificates can be faked. Many have property and bank accounts abroad yet get full welfare in the UK. We need to aid aid and asylum. Africa has safe lands so why is my home town full of bloody Somali’s.

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