What use is foreign aid?

Foreign aid is basically robbing from the poor in rich countries using taxation to give to the rich in poor countries.

The UK has a big national debt and lots of problems with our health service and lack of housing etc.

Yet to give Foreign Aid we borrow this money from Central Banks making our National Debt even worse. Our Nation Debt is staggering.

We must remember that a dollar is worth a dollar plus debt put on it by central banks. Debt is built into the system. Thus Governments can never get out of debt as long as central banks exist. Thus the profits go to the Illuminati bankers who control Washington DC / Vatican / City of London – this is the tri-lateral and none of these places belong to their countries they are independent of them. The Federal reserve has no reserves and is not federal it is a private owned bank by the evil Rothchild’s dynasty who also control the zionist feudal kingdom of Israel.

Foreign aid is not democratic the tax payers have no say on how the money is spent. Why should we give money to an African all girl spice girl band? or guinea pig farmers.

The aid damages local farmers wealth it reduces the price they can get for food that the people in that area prefer. Dictators use aid money to buy guns and militias who then rob the food aid and sell it on the black market.

To give real aid would be to build prefabs and send them to Africa where they can be built again into homes thus employing people in UK and Abroad. We could also give livestock. All aid seems to do is make some people rich in poor lands so they then can migrate to Europe. Yet this is all part of the jewish banking cartel plan of white genocide. The Jewish Bolsheviks murdered 60 million Christians in Russia – read up on what Solzenitsyn said about the Russian revolution – yet his books are not available in the west – i wonder why and who controls Western media like CNN. All the top people at CNN are Jews as are a lot of film makers in Hollywood and the porn industry in USA too.

In UK we have many people pretending to be homeless on the streets yet if you offer them food or a coffee they won’t accept – they are career scam artists working cash in hand. Many are driven into tourist areas or areas with high footfalls by people in luxury cars.

It is time to end all aid we must also put tariffs on German and French imports and use cash generated to re-build UK manufacturing for far too long we have let the City of London and Rothschild’s dominate our country. They need to be thrown out of the temple just like jesus did with the money lenders.

The EU puts tariffs on goods made in 3rd world countries making them more expensive and stopping these countries becoming success stories. THE EU has 2 parliaments and has never been audited. it gives MEP’s free credit cards for expenses yet they never show receipts. The EU was created as planned by Count Kalergi for Genocide of all white european people and total destruction of Nations and Nationalism.

Merkel / Junker / Blair are all traitors puppets to the Zionist banking cartels of the illuminati.

It is time for Europeans to wake up otherwise all European Countries will soon be Islamic and under Sharia Laws.







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