Social Media sites are supposed to have a minimum age to use the site. The problem is for years children have known how to get round this by inputting a fake date of birth. Even more worrying is by typing in certain words in google within a few clicks they can be observing very adult material.

We have parents in this country who don’t care they are too busy on their smart phones. I have known some parents who let young children watch Age 18 Horror Movies. Many parents today use technology to parent their children instead of taking them swimming etc. The result is children growing up depressed.

We have more active National Insurance numbers in the UK than we have people. We have people using welfare under multiple aliases. One of the reasons many illegal migrants choose the UK is because we have no ID cards and they can work the black economy easily and also get welfare using fake documents.

We need a proper ID card. All adult sites and social media sites should be required to do an ID verification check.

This would stop children looking at adult material but also it would stop trolling as people’s real name would be known.

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